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WHY SHOULD WE PLAY SOFTBALL?  It is fun!  West Jeff provides our mountain area 4-22  year old girls the opportunity to have fun, learn teamwork, make friends, build confidence in themselves and learn the game of fastpitch softball.  We support the female athlete.
WHAT AREAS MAKE UP WEST JEFF?  We represent west Jefferson County, generally Evergreen, Marshdale, Conifer, Morrison and Genesee.  Girls from the more western areas such as Bailey and Idaho Springs areas are also invited to join.
DO YOU HAVE T-BALL TEAMS?  Yes. Ages 4-6 play T-Ball, 7 year olds play Coach Pitch.  Girls who are 8 years old begin playing "player pitch".
WHEN DOES THE SEASON BEGIN AND END?  T-Ball and Coach Pitch kick off their season with a fun Opening Ceremony (if the coach and families decide to participate).  Their season begins May 14, 2018 and runs through July 13, 2018.  The season for 8U and up begins May 7, 2018 and runs through July 13, 2018.  The season ends with a really fun Jefferson County Tournament the weekend of July 14th!
HOW DO I REGISTER?  Click on the Register Button on the home page of the WJGS website or CLICK HERE.
ARE THERE OTHER COSTS IN ADDITION TO REGISTRATION FEES?  Players must purchase a uniform and will need to have their own glove.  West Jeff provides our recreational teams with bats, helmets, catchers gear, etc.
ARE TRYOUTS REQUIRED?  There are no tryouts for girls playing on our recreational teams, everyone is welcome!  West Jeff does have several tournament level (competitive) teams that play under the banner of Rocky Mountain Rampage, which do require tryouts by contacting the coach.
WHEN WILL TEAMS BE FORMED?  Teams will be formed the first week in March.  Expect to hear from your coach around the second week in March.  At that time they will be able to provide you with practice days/times.
WHEN DO PRACTICES BEGIN?  That is up to our individual coaches and the weather, but generally practices begin the first week in April.
WHEN ARE PRACTICES?  Practices are generally held in the Evergreen, Marshdale or Conifer areas.  West Jeff gets a list of available fields and times from EPRD in February and a meeting is held with the coaches the first week in March in which they will choose their practices days and times.  Generally, our coaches will hold one weekday practice and one weekend practice, each lasting about 1.5-2 hours, but again this is up to the coach as some choose to have two weekday practices so families have their weekends uninterrupted.
WHEN ARE THE GAMES AND HOW MANY ARE THERE?  Games are scheduled on week days.  The T-Ball and Coach Pitch players generally play about 8-10 games, 8U and up will play 12-14 games.  There is usually only one game per week, but at times there can be two per week due to scheduling needs and make-up games due to weather reschedules.  Game times are usually 5pm or 6:30pm.
WHERE ARE THE GAMES LOCATED?  West Jeff is part of the Girls Softball League of Jefferson County  http://jeffcosoftball.com,   West Jeff plays about half of our games at home in the Evergreen and Conifer area.  We can possibly play away games versus Alameda/Green Mountain, Arvada, Bear Creek, Golden, Lakewood, Littleton and Wheat Ridge.
ARE THERE TOURNAMENTS?  Girls Softball League of Jefferson County sponsors a recreational tournament for all of our rec teams at the end of the summer season, typically around the 15th of July.

ARE THERE WAYS FOR PARENTS TO GET INVOLVED?  Definitely!  West Jeff is as strong as it's volunteers, so assistance and involvement by the parents and members of the community is always welcomed!  There are many ways to get involved, whether it is by becoming a Board Member, a team parent who assists the coaches with communications, helping in the dugout, assisting with practices or assisting the Board with things like distributing flyers to local schools (November through March).
WHAT IF I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS?  Please contact WJGS by emailing  if you have any other questions or concerns!